AoPS Academy offers small, engaging virtual math courses year-round for your motivated elementary student.

In 18-week instructor-led classes, your student will develop problem-solving and communication skills that will help them succeed in school and beyond. Compelling comic-style books, an immersive online platform, and interactive online tools complement live instruction from mathematics experts.

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    Students learn from live instructors in an interactive virtual classroom. With 10 to 16 students per class, there’s plenty of opportunity for direct interaction as students collaborate with their class and dedicated peer group.

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    For levels 2-5, our expert instructors use Beast Academy, a rigorous math curriculum designed by AoPS. Beast Academy is set up as a complete math program, but it can also be used as a supplementary curriculum in a public, private, or homeschool setting.

    For levels 6 and above, we use AoPS curriculum. Since 1993, AoPS trained the next generation of resilient, confident problem solvers. We believe in tough but accessible challenges and student ownership of learning. Read more about our AoPS educational philosophy.

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    Classes are held through video conferences in an online classroom. Students will need:

    • Access to a desktop or laptop with a camera and microphone
    • A calm, quiet location to work
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    Courses are listed below in the recommended sequence order.

    Not sure which level is right for your student? Read about our Placement Tests and more here.