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Fall Enrollment Now Open Honors Math Courses Grades 2-6

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Help your students prepare for success in school and beyond with our small, interactive virtual math classes. Students will master key skills such as communication, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Why Enroll in AoPS Academy?

Art of Problem Solving's highly engaging curriculum (designed by PhDs from MIT, Princeton, Stanford, and more) has successfully trained hundreds of thousands of motivated students.
A young girl is using a computer while her mother watches over her shoulder.

At AoPS Academy, Students Will:

  • Challenge themselves with immersive active-learning experiences
  • Collaborate with outstanding classmates from across the country
  • Strengthen core skills to get ahead for the upcoming fall term
  • Participate in lively, interactive activities through our successful videoconferencing format
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Why Students & Parents Love AoPS Academy

A happy young boy.
"My son LOVES his class! The math is inspiring, the teacher has a wonderful sense of humor, and he got to meet other students who love math as much as he does. Amazing job! Thank goodness we found AoPS!"
- Excited Dad
"The staff at AoPS Academy do a great job helping students reach their fullest potential. My children have learned to think logically and creatively through solving tough problems. I'm glad we found this valuable resource!"
- Usha D
"My son just took the SAT and got a perfect 800 in math. Thanks, AoPS Academy!"
- Thrilled Mom
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