Our Virtual Campus Team


Our experienced, highly credentialed instructors were once star students themselves. A veritable “Who’s Who?” in the advanced math community, they teach at AoPS to share their love of the subject with the next generation of intellectual leaders.
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Dr. Aaron Demby Jones
Adam Leighton
Amber Barnett
Amy Lee
Angela Schneider
Angelica Bell
Megan Candelaria
Anne Federwisch
Beau Gilbert
Bowen Kerins
Dr. Brian Edwards
Brooks Rubin
Carlos Bovell
Carrie Sanidad
Dr. Cassia Winterhaven
Celai Busch
Christian Hokaj
Christina Touchstone
Corinne Mitchell
Daniel Minsky
Daniel Ruch
Dr. David Kalb
Debbie Downes
Doug Squire
Emily Gottry
Emily Peters
Erin Howard
Dr. Francie Longshore
Hannah Goodwillie
Dr. Heather Finotti
Heather Johnston
Hui Su Loo
Isabella Zeolla
Jaclyn Wardrip Smith
Jacob Jameson
Jake Chapman
Jaime Desormeaux
Jennifer Hixson
Joel Anderson
John Burnette
Josephine Stringer
Joshua Arledge
Kara Campbell
Katherine Lin
Kris Siy
Kyla Patterson
Laura Delaney
Laura Gilbert
Lisa Harper
Marisa Colwell
Mark Marino
Mary Black
Matt DeBarger
Matthew D'Angelo
Meghan Nauss
Dr. Michael Menke
Milly Joyner
Missy Matteis
Dr. Mits Kobayashi
Nancy Hoang
Dr. Natalie Hobson
Noah Benjamin
Noah Kahrs
Dr. Raif Majeed
Dr. Ralph Chikhany
Rebecca Embar
Samantha Fiala
Sara Johnson
Sam Strozzo
Sarah Mill
Sarayu Pai
Susan Lafferty
Tanasia Gordon
Tara Kortman
Tawnie Black
Teresa Katuska
Tina Tai
Tristan Pollner
Tye Campbell
Tun Bhothinard
William Lin
Yale Wang
Yaniv Ravid
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Richard Rusczyk
AoPS Founder & CEO
Glen Dawson
AoPS Academy Founder
David Patrick
AoPS Founder & Principal Math Curriculum Developer

Management Staff

Dr. Yating Liu
Rebecca Sodervick
Math Director
Damian Romney
Language Arts Director
Jessica Seekamp
Teaching Staff Manager
Brad Fischer
Operations Coordinator
Kathy Cordeiro
Customer Success Consultant