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In this summer course, students build foundational problem-solving skills and strategies they'll use throughout their education and explore some of our math team's favorite unconventional math topics.

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Math Beasts Camp 5

2 weeks or 4 weeks
Daily In-Class Time
3 hours or 1.5 hours
$795.00 (~$27 per hour)
Problem solving, pattern recognition, game theory
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    Choose the right level

    Math Beasts Camp 5 is designed for students who will be ready to take Honors Math 5 in the fall. Many students take Math Beasts Camp 5 either the summer before the fifth grade or the summer after, depending on when they plan to take Honors Math 5.

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    Our expert instructors use content developed by the Art of Problem Solving curriculum team to teach Math Beasts Camp 5. As a deep exploration of challenging mathematics, AoPS curriculum prepares students for success at top universities and competitive careers. No books are required for this class.

    Math Beasts Camp 5 includes sessions in Mathematical Exploration and Problem Solving.

    Our Mathematical Exploration sessions are designed to equip students with general mathematical strategies that will be useful throughout their education. We introduce topics most students won't encounter until much later in their schooling. We explore a series of math-related two-player strategic games, starting with seemingly simple games (like Tic-Tac-Toe) to introduce the concept of strategy, then quickly moving on to increasingly complex games through which students will learn essential mathematical problem-solving tactics such as pattern recognition, working backwards, and invariance.

    The Problem Solving sessions focus on logical thinking, while providing review of key math concepts. Students participate in a wide range of math-related games and puzzles that are meant to push student understanding of familiar topics beyond standard grade level.

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    Our instructors hold classes virtually, in a small-sized (10-16 students) videoconferencing classroom.

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    There is no required homework for Math Beasts Camp 5. However, we've prepared more materials than we can cover during class and many students continue working on them after class for extra practice.

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    Drop and refund policies

    If you drop a summer course before the start of your first class session, we'll issue a full refund for the course tuition. No refunds will be issued for withdrawing from a summer course after the start of your first class session.

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    Our summer course offerings meet five days a week, Monday through Friday. We offer this course in two timing formats. Both cover the same course material.

    • The two-week course meets for 3 hours each day.
    • The four-week course meets for 1.5 hours each day.


Course Fee: $795.00 (~$27 per hour)

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