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Honors Language Arts 8 challenges eighth grade students (ages 13-14) with an advanced middle school language arts curriculum.

Live instructors help students develop writing and critical thinking skills and appreciation of language arts.

Honors LA 8: Research, Presentation, and Public Speaking

36 weeks
Weekly In-Class
~2 hours
$1,750.00 (~$49 per week)
Informative writing, research, historical analysis, public speaking, grammar
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    This course is recommended for students entering Grade 8. We recommend students enroll in Language Arts courses at grade level.

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    The 36-week course covers 4 units, with each unit featuring a long-term project that integrates a variety of reading, writing, critical thinking, and grammar skills.

    Honors LA 8

    • Investigative Journalism: By reading articles by the world's top journalists, students learn to gather and organize facts, conduct interviews with sources, and synthesize the information they've gathered into a magazine-quality investigative article and a live report on their investigation during the AoPS Nightly News.
    • Essay Writing: Students study and join the long tradition of the personal essay, articulating not just their belief, but also the experiences that have led them to hold it.
    • Documentary: Students build their research skills by becoming documentarians, tracing the historical development of an aspect of the modern world. At the end of the unit, students create a documentary detailing the historical patterns they’ve uncovered.
    • Scientific Research: Students master the skills crucial to clear scientific communication, including framing the thought process, guiding an investigation, and articulating complex and abstract concepts to a lay audience. At the end of the unit, students present their findings in the form of a TED Talk, blending hard data with engaging public speaking.

    Students must purchase the required books before the start of the course.

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    Our instructors hold classes virtually, in a small-sized (10-16 students) videoconferencing classroom.

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    Homework and projects

    Students should expect to spend about 60-90 minutes on homework every week. Homework will include practicing skills learned in class through short answer questions, long-term writing assignments connected to the unit project, and assigned reading in one of the four quarterly textbooks.

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    Each course runs for 18 weeks, meeting for one 105-minute lesson per week.


Course Fee: $1,750.00 (~$49 per week)
Feb 16 - Oct 26
7:00 pm - 8:45 pm ET
6:00 pm - 7:45 pm CT
5:00 pm - 6:45 pm MT
4:00 pm - 5:45 pm PT
ID: 17036
3 Please note there are no classes: May 27 - May 29 | July 1 - July 7 | September 2 - September 4 | November 20 - November 26 | December 22 - January 4