AoPS Programs Comparison

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AoPS Programs Comparison

AoPS Academy Virtual Campus versus AoPS Online School

We have taught outstanding middle and high school math students for over 17 years in the AoPS Online School. Our AoPS Academy Virtual Campus gives us the opportunity to deliver different lessons in a new classroom format and serve a wider range of students.

Key differences between the AoPS Academy Virtual Campus and our AoPS Online School include:

  • Format. AoPS Academy Virtual Campus courses use videoconferencing technology, so instructors and students can see and hear each other directly. Our AoPS Online School classroom does not have video or audio—all communication is via text and images. We employ these very different communication methods to help draw out participation from different types of students, whether they are more comfortable participating through text in the AoPS Online School classroom or need the sensory input of an AoPS Academy Virtual Campus class to stay engaged.
  • Age of students. AoPS Academy Virtual Campus summer camp courses are designed for Grades 3-10, and our year round courses are designed for Grades 2-6. AoPS Online School courses are designed for Grades 5-12.
  • Subjects covered. Math courses are available at the AoPS Online School and the AoPS Academy Virtual Campus throughout the entire year. Language arts courses are currently only available in AoPS Academy Virtual Campus, and currently only during the summer. Physics and computer science courses are only available in the AoPS Online School.

Key similarities between AoPS Academy Virtual Campus and the AoPS Online School include:

  • Outstanding peer group. AoPS is designed for high-potential students with a great love of learning, so students across all programs have wonderful peers (and future friends!) to challenge and engage them.
  • Experienced, well-credentialed teachers. Our instructors were once star students themselves and teach AoPS courses because it gives them a chance to share their love of the subject with the next generation of intellectual leaders.
  • Same curriculum developers. The AoPS Academy Virtual Campus and AoPS Online School courses are designed by the same team and shaped by a common educational philosophy.
  • Math contest courses. Both the AoPS Academy Virtual Campus and the AoPS Online School offer preparation courses for middle and high school math contests. Many students enroll in both AoPS Academy and AoPS Online School contest courses to get extra practice. (And because the classes are great fun for contest-loving students!)

AoPS Academy Virtual Campus versus Beast Academy

Beast Academy is a full math curriculum designed for aspiring math beasts ages 8-13. Beast Academy offers both engaging books and the Beast Academy Online learning system. AoPS Academy Virtual Campus provides live online instruction with 10-16 students in each class. The year round elementary math courses offered at AoPS Academy Virtual Campus use Beast Academy curriculum as their textbooks and homework system.

"AoPS Academy is such a valuable resource for my two daughters and our family.  We kept hitting brick walls with our former school and the Director of AoPS Academy was the first person to honestly explain to us options and provide us with information so that we could make informed decisions about their education.  For that we are forever grateful and trust him beyond measure. AoPS Academy is far more than just an after-school academic training center. They have gone above and beyond to help our children's talents develop into their full potential.  Art of Problem Solving Academy will continue to be a key part of our long-term education plan.  The results have been amazing! They are truly my children’s first school, even though they are an after-school program!"
-Wendy D.
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