Live Classes with Top Instructors

Virtual Campus: Math and Language Arts for Grades 2–12

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Live Classes with Top Instructors

Virtual Campus: Math and Language Arts for Grades 2–12

Starting at $49/week

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Since 1993, Art of Problem Solving has helped train the next generation of intellectual leaders. Hundreds of thousands of our students have gone on to attend prestigious universities, win global math competitions, and achieve success in highly competitive careers.

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Rigorous Curriculum
Designed by PhDs from MIT, Princeton, and Stanford, our curriculum has helped thousands of motivated students develop the problem-solving skills they need to succeed in school and beyond.
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At-Home Learning Solution
Whether you need a comprehensive curriculum or after-school enrichment, Virtual Campus has you covered. Through small classes, students master key skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving.
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Fully Engaged Students
With a blend of a video-based live classroom, captivating instructors, and interactive, collaborative content, your student will be fully absorbed in our virtual classes.


Composed entirely of AoPS students, the USA Mathematical Olympiad Team has won the International Math Olympiad 4 out of the last 6 years — after not winning for the previous 20 years.

Go Above and Beyond with AoPS

AoPS Academy’s highly engaging curriculum has helped hundreds of thousands of motivated students leapfrog way ahead of most standard curricula.
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Solve tough problems through immersive active-learning experiences

Collaborate with exceptional classmates from across the country

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Student learning through video conferencing in a laptop

Participate in lively, interactive activities through a video conferencing format

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Why Students & Parents AoPS Academy

“Before the class, I had no idea how many parts of speech and vocabulary there were besides stems, which we covered in school. My teacher really made it clear. Reading books with her and the class was much more fun. You get to hear other people's ideas and Ms Abshire helped the discussion. My teacher helped me like writing more and helped me choose my words better. She is the best language arts teacher and I love the classmates!”
— Peter Dobrev, Language Arts student

“My son LOVES his class! The math is inspiring, the teacher has a wonderful sense of humor, and he got to meet other students who love math as much as he does. Amazing job! Thank goodness we found AoPS!”
— Excited Dad

"The staff at AoPS Academy do a great job helping students reach their fullest potential. My children have learned to think logically and creatively through solving tough problems. I'm glad we found this valuable resource!"
– Usha D, Parent

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