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“Isaac has never really sparked on literature and language like he has done with math − until your classes and camps. He's actually engaged and curious and interacting and excited. It makes my heart glad. I'm so thankful to you for opening his eyes to the fact that he can be both 'a math guy' and 'a language arts guy' too.”

— Meredyth Kippes, AoPS Academy Parent

AoPS Academy offers small, interactive language arts courses year-round for your motivated student.

Our language arts courses encourage students grades 3-10 to push their creative limits. Through live instruction, students gain a toolbox of language resources with which to solve new challenges and think critically about topics that inspire them. In our year-round and summer courses, students develop the writing, problem-solving, and communication skills they need to succeed in college and beyond.

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    Students learn from live instructors in an interactive virtual classroom. With just 10 to 16 students per class, there’s ample opportunity for direct interaction with the instructor and peers.

    Attentive teachers provide real-time individualized feedback to students during class time, as well as frequent feedback on submitted assignments.

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    Our expert curriculum team has curated a creative curriculum that engages students in new challenges and inspiring topics through the language arts.

    Courses begin with a study and analysis of writing styles, concepts, and skills. We then apply what we learn to content that is interesting or valuable to students. Throughout, students explore how to use language to produce a useful or interesting result.

    Our academic year courses are more foundational in their curriculum, whereas our summer courses offer an enriching deep dive into a specific topic of interest. Because most of our courses focus on a specific writing and analysis style in depth, they are ideal to pair with another curriculum of Academy course.

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    Classes are held through video conferences in an online classroom. Students will need:

    • Access to a desktop or laptop with a camera and microphone
    • A calm, quiet location to work
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    We recommend students enroll at grade level for both summer and academic year courses to ensure they’re with classmates of a similar level and ability.

    Because the Virtual Campus Language Arts curriculum is more flexible in its sequence than the math curriculum, your student’s content preference will also play a significant role in course selection.

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